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The perfect opportunity

We welcome your celebration at the High Life Resort & Spa


The High Life Villa is a luxury resort based in Negril, Jamaica. Set on 30 acres of lush forest land and ocean views, the Highlife villa is the perfect opportunity for those looking to invest in luxury, comfort, and an unmatched experience for all visitors of our beloved Jamaica.

a dirt road with trees on either side of it
a living room with a view of the ocean and palm trees
Green garden



It includes 7 rooms with exclusive amenities and options for everyone to enjoy and luxury in every small detail of the guest’s stay. It’s a cliffside experience that promotes privacy and complete access to the paradise that is the Jamaican landscape.


If you’re looking to support a Jamaican-owned-and-operated luxury resort, and provide all visitors with unforgettable, holistic experiences, then the Highlife villa is your perfect opportunity to do just that.

a cottage on the beach
Our vision - together.

To complete over (150) luxury villas by the year (2024) and give our guests and villa owners an exciting, luxurious, educational and authentic Jamaican experience. We will provide an unparalleled customer service experience, ensured by top notch security and the security guards on site 24/7.

Business Centered

We aim to host live seminar and workshop events, centered around business and finance, and hosted by influencers from around the globe. Moreover, we aim to capture a large percentage of the countries landscape in just a few years of business operation, and to attain the climax spot in the market as soon as possible.

villa at beach

Our vision reflects our values:

Service, integrity, teamwork, and excellence. Work with us!

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